Talent Management with teeth.

 Narcissists are bad for business. You should avoid hiring them at all costs. You should also avoid trying to say the word "narcissist" after too many glasses of Malbec. 

Before you learn the question that will help you to identify a narcissist, please put your bias to...

The reason for this is because honesty and self-disclosure is a basic building block for intimacy. Those people who provide ‘no comment’ are therefore viewed with some suspicion.

Cast your vote in this interactive poll and learn how other people all over the world feel about interviewing.

I'm feeling exuberant. 

I'm going to be speaking about important topics facing all of us in the business of making jolly good hires in the  Asia Pacific region. 

Join me on the 1st of March, 2017, and witness such thrilling and captivating speakers in action as:

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