Talent Management with teeth.

I'm known for my passion for novel methods to attract talent, especially those which involve moving pictures and sound. 

Having said that, I have my limits. 

I wanted to be impressed, but I was literally sickened to the pit of my stomach by the new approach to recruiting...

What an interesting week it's been. Not only did I get the  chance to meet some enchanting and delightful HR types, career coaches, and neuroscientists at the HRM Asia Event, I was invited to do a voice over for Mindshare, about top trends in Asia in Digital Marketing....

I'm feeling exuberant. 

I'm going to be speaking about important topics facing all of us in the business of making jolly good hires in the  Asia Pacific region. 

Join me on the 1st of March, 2017, and witness such thrilling and captivating speakers in action as:

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I was feeling wistful about leaving my job, so I wrote this.

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