Talent Management with teeth.

What skills might be most marketable in the coming years? 

It's a question I'm often asked. 

A leading indicator of what jobs will be in demand, is the year-on-year increase of job postings for a specific title, or skill. By looking at what is tracking upwards, we can us...

Recruitment advertising doesn’t have a technology problem; it has an imagination problem. What we have is a scenario where job postings haven’t evolved much beyond help-wanted ads in the classified columns of newspapers. 

Recruiting ads are usually 2D, static blocks of...

I was the only HR person

Speaking (or even attending) CyberSecurity Asia, so I was thankful for them inviting me. My technical skills are limited to a bit of Python, Bash and I can use NMAP, Maltego and Metasploit. I’ve worked as a talent consultant to Cloud, Security,...

Maybe like me, you’ve always been intrigued by hackathons but never been to one?

I strongly believe that the way we organise ourselves to get work done in the future will be different to the way corporations have historically worked. Attending hackathon sponsored by the...

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