Talent Management with teeth.

Does this need more PUNCH?

For HR, recruiters, hiring managers and marketers, applying recruitment marketing principles to employer branding makes video the perfect medium for communicating your company story, culture and brand to candidates. Not to mention the SEO bene...

I'm known for my passion for novel methods to attract talent, especially those which involve moving pictures and sound. 

Having said that, I have my limits. 

I wanted to be impressed, but I was literally sickened to the pit of my stomach by the new approach to recruiting...

 Narcissists are bad for business. You should avoid hiring them at all costs. You should also avoid trying to say the word "narcissist" after too many glasses of Malbec. 

Before you learn the question that will help you to identify a narcissist, please put your bias to...

"I was more interested in writing 4-chord punk songs and dating girls with tatoos"

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