Talent Management with teeth.

“Some say it’s easier for start-ups and tech companies to embrace digitisation (apps, bots, artificial intelligence) because they have been born into this “tech era”, but how can traditional organisations make the necessary transition?”

I get asked this question a lot,...

What's the fatal mistake many recruiters make when hiring?

Are you looking for a training course that can help you to be a better talent advisor, a better HR professional, a better recruiter? I make free training courses like this because I love to share what I've learnt. If you want to know how to make better hiring decisions...

Won’t you please think of the children?

Every new mass-market technology leads to unmetered panic among conservative factions.

Take the Luddites, for example.

 (Real people from Bulwell do not look like this)

In mid-November 1811, half a dozen men — with faces blackened to...

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