• Michael Wright


We're feeling bullish about our ability to recruit Programmatic Media Buying talent in 2019 because, put simply, we have the best people on the job.

The best part of that for you is that we get to share some Programmatic Facts. Here we go.

  • Did you know that Globally, there are 40,000 Programmatic Media Buying Professionals?

  • That's a 48% increase on last year, so this skill-base is definitely growing.

  • 16,427 of them changed jobs in the last 12 months. (ouch!)

  • This talent is very hard to hire. There are 13,700 job posts open right now on Linkedin looking for Programmatic skills.

Would you have guessed that the city with the highest density of people who know how to do Programmatic buying is New York? Would you be surprised if we told you that the highest growth in Programmatic skills was New Delhi, followed by Mumbai, Singapore and Canada?

According to Linkedin Talent Insights, GroupM are the largest employer of programmatic talent, globally. Between our companies, Xaxis, Essence, Mindshare, MediaCom and Wavemaker, we count more than 1,400 people with hard programmatic skills (That's 400 more than Google, who are no.2 globally with 1,000).

I humbly admit that we could do better here in the US in engaging* this talent. We have only captured the imagination of 14% of them, ranking us 5th in our peer index (Amazon, Google, Accenture....)

*The unique number of programmatic professionals who engaged with our updates, visited our company page, viewed our jobs, or started following GroupM over the past 12 months.

We fare quite well on responses to our outbound messaging through Linkedin inMail (41% of messages get replies) and our programmatic job ads convert at 27%, so a decent CTR ranking us 2nd in the peer index.

Which US Universities are producing the future talent for this programmatic pool? NYU is the tops, followed by Michigan State, followed by UCLA.

Imagine you need to recruit 100 people in the US with a Programmatic skill-set. What kind of an employer value proposition (EVP) matters to them? Here are the top 5 things that matter.

We can boastfully claim that we have all of these. We enable work life balance through our #Lifeworks program. We built our NYC home in FiDi, accessible in 10 minutes even from another state via the PATH train, we offer good compensation and benefits and can proudly say that our people and our leaders are open, collaborative and inspiring.

If you've read this far, you either

  1. Work in Programmatic

  2. Want to work in Programmatic

  3. Are a recruiter hiring in Programmatic

  4. Are a hiring manager for people who are skilled in Programmatic Media Buying

If you are 1, 2, 3 or 4 please reach out to our Programmatic hiring team at GroupM, they are honestly just as friendly as they look in the pic at the top, they don't bite. If you weren't one of these, reveal yourself in the comments below!

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