• Michael Wright


Over at Grab, we've been spring cleaning our careers site, as tradition demands around Chinese New Year time.

And it got me thinking. Are most of us guilty of focusing on making our career sites look amazing, but not paying enough attention to the words we use in our job advertising?

Top talent - especially people who code - can afford to be discerning when considering where to apply, so your copy matters. According to Human Resources Online, a recent report states the highest demand for talent, not surprisingly, is in the digital and tech space. If that wasn't enough, my friends over at Google just opened up a giant engineering hub in Singapore, which sure is great motivation for working out how to make the Grab employer brand 'pop' in 2017.

To help everyone in my team, I made a training course using Articulate's awesome RISE platform which talks about some of the good practices we're intending to apply to our ads to capitalise on those short moments of attention.

The training course takes 15-20 minutes, looks splendid on smartphones and tablets and is linked below. It's intended for anyone who is in the business of attracting talent, so hiring managers, talent acquisition, startup founders, and HR.

Course Aims

  • Learn and apply the 5 step method for impactful job advertising.

  • Avoid using corporate jargon in your next job posting

  • Get the gender balance right by minding your language

  • Score 80% or more on the fiendishly difficult quiz at the end to pass

Here's the link.

If this improved your day, let me know in the comments below. Wishing you a great year of the Rooster and an abundant supply of top talent in 2017!

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